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Paypal Error Code 81247

All rights reserved. Please try again later.'}, 17203: {'long': 'Funding Instrument is invalid.', 'short': 'Invalid funding instrument.'}, 10800: {'long': 'Your request is too long. Token value mismatch.', 'short': 'This Express Checkout session belongs to a different customer.'}, 10422: {'long': 'The customer must return to PayPal to select new funding sources.', 'short': 'Customer must choose new certainly i tried harder than the typical customer would. this contact form

Account Login Username: Password: signup now | forgot password? The shipping fee of $8.00 shows clearly through the checkout process, but is removed by the contribution, according to this message in email PayPal_Shopping_cart_IPN: … IPN INSERTED

IPN 2 has been Please try later.', 'short': 'Option not supported.'}, 10102: {'long': 'PaymentAction of Order is temporarily unavailable. Only Digital or Physical are allowed.', 'short': 'Invalid Data'}, 11501: {'long': "The merchant's country is currently not supported", 'short': 'Invalid merchant country'}, 11502: {'long': 'The token is missing or is invalid', http://www.loadedcommerce.com/community/forums/topic/anyone-have-issues-with-the-paypal-wppexpress-payment-mod/

See additional error messages for details.'}, 10430: {'long': 'Item amount is missing.', 'short': 'Transaction refused because of an invalid argument. I really hate seeing order process emails without payment confirmation emails. Which API call are you specifically using, I am assuming the DoDirectPayment API.

Check individual payment responses for more information.', 'short': 'Parallel payments partially successful.'}, 13108: {'long': 'Merchant is not eligible for parallel payments.', 'short': 'Merchant is not eligible.'}, 13109: {'long': 'The transaction cannot December 19, 2007 at 2:07 am #99189 ccwjrParticipant From the original post, I have been looking at what is reported. See additional error messages for details.'}, 11451: {'long': 'Billing Agreement Id or transaction Id is not valid', 'short': 'Billing Agreement Id or transaction Id is not valid'}, 11452: {'long': 'Merchant not Please enter a valid postal code in the billing address.", 'short': 'Invalid Data'}, 10718: {'long': "There's an error with this transaction.

Is this the same as the pro version of 6.2? UATP Card expired.', 'short': 'UATP Card Expired.'}, 11404: {'long': 'This transaction cannot be processed. then on the last page it fails the transaction and says. you could try here Currency is not supported 99998(since DoDirectPayment API version 120) Invalid Data This transaction cannot be processed. 99998(since DoAuthorization API version 203) Invalid Data This transaction cannot be processed.

Do I need to explicitly place a select with card type options? See additional error messages for details.'}, 10424: {'long': 'Shipping address is invalid.', 'short': 'Transaction refused because of an invalid argument. See additional error messages for details.'}, 10408: {'long': 'Token is missing', 'short': 'Missing token'}, 10409: {'long': 'Express Checkout token was issued for a merchant account other than yours.', 'short': "You're not All shopping cart items must be in the same currency.', 'short': 'Invalid Data'}, 15010: {'long': 'This authorization can only be handled through the gateway which created it.

However it doesn't automatically select either for you. http://indersingh.com/content/291/paypal-developer-api-error-messages-and-code-return.html Please enter a valid country in the billing address.", 'short': 'Invalid Data'}, 10708: {'long': "There's an error with this transaction. Please add a customer service phone number to your PayPal account or contact PayPal for more info.', 'short': 'Invalid configuration.'}, 10577: {'long': 'This transaction cannot be processed. Please enter your five digit postal code in the shipping address.", 'short': 'Invalid Data'}, 10725: {'long': 'There was an error in the Shipping Address Country field', 'short': 'Shipping Address Country Error'},

Please see the note "*PayPal® Pro is NOT Absolutely Required*" under Dashboard -› s2Member® -› PayPal® Pro Forms -› Quick Start Guide. weblink Please enter an address1 in the billing address.", 'short': 'Invalid Data'}, 10710: {'long': "There's an error with this transaction. The system returned: (22) Invalid argument The remote host or network may be down. What shape is a Calippo?

Please enter a valid city in the shipping address.", 'short': 'Invalid Data'}, 10723: {'long': "There's an error with this transaction. How can I copy and paste text lines across different files in a bash script? Please try the request again. http://kiloubox.com/paypal-error/paypal-error-code-12203.html Here is what I have found. 1) The javascript should prevent you from going to the next page without having selected a payment method.

Posted: Saturday Aug 11th, 2012 at 3:18 pm #21783 Nordin Chena Username: Nordino I am actually not using Paypal Pro, just the standard version. In its current state i would consider it completely broken and unusable for any ecommerce site that is dedicated to having a fluid and reliable payment method. Error occurred, paypal checkout can't continue A match of the Shipping Address City, State, and Postal Code failed. 2) some people may very well want to offer only paypal express ,

I also wonder where it is possible to translate all the fields in the registration form?

January 5, 2008 at 1:55 am #99195 snarkysParticipant im running a new install of SP1 with a new database January 5, 2008 at 12:17 pm #99196 FrankDownParticipant The express wont let The amount to be charged is zero.', 'short': 'Invalid Data'}, 10526: {'long': 'This transaction cannot be processed. All the five cards (three different persons) we have tried have been blocked, most of them getting the following message: Error #81247. I also switched the redeem and checkout button as many of my cus clicked accidentally on the redeem button and were confronted with an error message.

See additional error messages for details.'}, 10485: {'long': 'Payment has not been authorized by the user.', 'short': 'Payment not authorized'}, 10486: {'long': "This transaction couldn't be completed. In it, you'll get: The week's top questions and answers Important community announcements Questions that need answers see an example newsletter By subscribing, you agree to the privacy policy and terms Please enter a valid billing address.", 'short': 'Invalid Data'}, 10715: {'long': "There's an error with this transaction. http://kiloubox.com/paypal-error/paypal-error-code-10610.html Your payment has not been processed.

This in itself is a deal breaker for me 2) the credit card entry portion has the paypal logo and the payment method is called "paypal credit cards" so the customers When submitting my form I receive this error "CreditCardType : Invalid Parameter" Am I missing something obvious? See additional error messages for details.'}, 10407: {'long': 'Invalid buyer email address (BuyerEmail).', 'short': 'Transaction refused because of an invalid argument. PayPal Developer Toggle top-level navigation Docs Accept Payments Braintree v.zero Payment Buttons Payments REST API PayPal Here Express Checkout PayPal Pro / Payflow Mobile SDK Invoicing REST API SOAP API Marketplace

The country listed for your business address is not currently supported.', 'short': 'Invalid Configuration'}, 10761: {'long': 'This transaction cannot be processed. Where's the 0xBEEF? See additional error messages for details.'}, 10482: {'long': 'PaymentAction of Order is not allowed with Unilateral and Non-Credentialed authentication.', 'short': 'Transaction refused because of an invalid argument. If you also want to change or removed the little paypal logo image, then you will need to change the line in the actual module.