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Paypal Error Code 3004

ERROR:4005 The Amount including surcharge is outside the allowed range. Format: unsigned, no currency symbol, two decimal places. ERROR:2232 A valid is required. ERROR:5053 The Contact Number contains invalid characters. this contact form

IPN transaction types Typically, your back-end or administrative processes will perform specific actions based on the kind of IPN message received. All rights reserved. ERROR:3052 INVALID : The Vendor TxCode value is too long. txn_type The kind of transaction for which the IPN message was sent. https://www.paypal-community.com/t5/About-Payments-Archive/Error-Code/td-p/721911

For more information on MassPay IPN variables see the MassPay IPN variables table in the IPN guide. admin_reversal: The transaction has been reversed by PayPal administrators. ERROR:3018 INVALID : The CustomerEMail is too long. RECEIVERTYPE (Optional) Indicates how you identify the recipients of payments in this call to MassPay.

Values for case_type set to complaint: non_receipt: Buyer claims that he did not receive goods or service. ERROR:5012 MALFORMED : The Post Code value is required. ERROR:3170 The PhoneID is not registered to any vendor account. ERROR:4043 The Transaction type does not support the requested operation.

ERROR:3039 MALFORMED : The Expiry Date field is required. ERROR:3074 The Delivery Address is required. Member Feedback on this Post Loading... http://www.webhostingtalk.com/showthread.php?t=330878 payment_status The status of the payment: Canceled_Reversal: A reversal has been canceled.

Please make sure that you are using a correctly formatted input. 10317 Masspay Invalid Email The masspay input file includes invalid Email 10320 Internal Error Internal Error 10321 Insufficient funds The ERROR:3069 SERVICE UNAVAILABLE: The request was unsuccessful to the server being down or overloaded. ERROR:4059 The vendor does not match with the vendor who registered the token. Character length and limitations: 4,000 single-byte alphanumeric characters SOAP MassPay Response Message The elements returned are the same as for AbstractResponseType.

ERROR:3146 The Card Firstnames is required. https://developer.paypal.com/docs/classic/api/errors/masspay/ Note xs:string (Optional) Custom note for each recipient. Equivalent to payment_gross for USD payments. ERROR:3024 INVALID : The Billing Post Code is too long.

Only zero or positive decimal value, to 2 decimal places. http://kiloubox.com/paypal-error/paypal-error-code-10409.html You must set the currencyID attribute to one of the three-character currency codes for any of the supported PayPal currencies. ERROR:5004 MALFORMED : The Security Code is required. ERROR:21 Error parsing the request XML.

ERROR:19 The command passed in the parameter was not recognised. I havent been able to even load the page for at least 18+ hours. The buyer selected the named shipping method for this transaction. navigate here ERROR:2266 Incorrect Percentage value entered.

ERROR:503 OK : The Cancel was Successful. ERROR:2235 The following currency code(s) are either not valid or not supported:. This value corresponds to the value of PAYERID returned by GetTransactionDetails.

ERROR:3053 INVALID : The Description value is too long.

How do I approve or deny a registrant from my registration list? ERROR:402 MALFORMED : The Vendor or VendorName value is required. of type and scrambled it to make a type specimen book. Note: You must specify either L_EMAILn, L_RECEIVERPHONEn, or L_RECEIVERIDn depending on the value passed for RECEIVERTYPE, and all MassPay items in a single request must use the same field to identify

Forum content is generated by consumers for consumers. Consequently, PayPal auto-reversed the transaction and returned the funds to the buyer. ERROR:2099 The primary admin user cannot be locked. his comment is here verified — Customer has a verified PayPal account.