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Reply With Quote 03-24-2011,04:41 AM #14 clf1605 View Profile View Forum Posts Registered User Join Date Nov 2009 Posts 17 Hi, I'm back. The long error message will tell you what field is invalid. 10704 Invalid data The billing city is invalid. Reason: security issue with code display Reply With Quote 03-22-2011,05:15 AM #10 aj_nsc View Profile View Forum Posts JS/CSS Supernerd Join Date Dec 2005 Posts 2,984 Thanks for sticking with the Enter a valid number for tax total. 10432 Invalid argument Invoice ID value exceeds maximum allowable length. this contact form

None - this is a PayPal internal error. 15001 Gateway decline We declined this transaction because this card had too many failures over a short period. The transaction was refused because the AVS response returned the value of N, and the merchant account is not able to accept such transactions. 10507 Invalid configuration We can’t process this The buyer should retry checkout with a different card. « Back to PayPal Payments Pro Shopping Cart Start 1 Week Free Trial Just $5 per month No setup fee No transaction Enter the correct information. great post to read

Paypal Error Codes 12

The first name of the buyer is required for this merchant. 10513 Invalid data Enter the buyer's last name. Our webhost has recently said (after the event!) that our developer had left security loopholes in the code (either deliberately or just negligently), and that there has been some activity that There was a problem with a particular field in the address. Enter the correct information.

Contact Customer Service for more information. Web Payments Pro and the Paypal Account are both fine, so my fear is the code - could someone have got in somehow and scrambled it (although all accesses are theoretically AVS code Meaning Matched details A Address Address only (no ZIP code) B International "A" Address only (no ZIP code) C International "N" None Note: The transaction is declined. Avs: N - No Should I paste the Paypal code here?

Enter the city of the billing address. 10516 The state in the billing address is missing. Longest "De Bruijn phrase" in English if (λ x . Log in to PayPal and check your account settings. Re-enter the correct 5-digit zip.

You must submit an IP address of the buyer with each API call. 10510 Invalid data We don’t support this card. Paypal Error Code 50027 Note that there isn't anything that your credit card processor, nor we at Soapbox would be able to do to resolve this issue. Sign In Register Register Categories Recent Discussions Categories All Categories 8.7KHelp 5K General 684 Bugs & Feature Requests 2.7K Site Showcase 10 Merchants 14 Gateways, Merchant Accounts, Bank Accounts, Oh My! I've switched careers...

Avs: G - Global Unavailable.

Log in to PayPal and check your account settings or apply for a Business account. Re-enter the correct information. Paypal Error Codes 12 Contact PayPal Customer Service for more information. 10760 Invalid configuration We don’t support your business address’ country for Direct Payment transactions. Sbi Atm Response Code 0051 I'm afraid I can't seem to locate any error messages from Paypal or anywhere else.

Säljaren betalar en liten avgift för att vi hanterar betalningen. http://kiloubox.com/paypal-error/paypal-error-code-10747.html Reply With Quote 03-21-2011,05:48 AM #6 aj_nsc View Profile View Forum Posts JS/CSS Supernerd Join Date Dec 2005 Posts 2,984 EDIT: Never thought to ask this question before, but do you Not very helpfulfor customer toresolve the problem with their bank.Q -- Is there a published list of error codes for Virtual Terminalcredit card transactions that would help us advise customers how Product price are up to $350 so we do not make full amount authorization instead 1 cent authorization, capture and refund and further transaction by DoReferenceTransaction based on usage. What Does 15005 Processor Decline Mean

If you'd do a $350 authorization, you'd probably see a decline at that stage already. –Robert Oct 2 '12 at 11:37 I have debit card which fails in the We provide online product which is initially on 15 day trial period and then based on usage we charge user by DoReferenceTransaction. Upper bounds for regulators of real quadratic fields How do you say "you all" in Esperanto? http://kiloubox.com/paypal-error/paypal-error-code-10610.html Obtain new account information before next billing cycle. 02 (Try again later).

The transaction was declined by PayPal. Paypal Error Code 10759 The merchant account attempting the transaction does not have a confirmed email address with PayPal. Could there be anything in the incorrect spelling of "amuont" (although there are spelling mistakes throughout the entire code of the site, which doesn't seem to cause a problem, since the

The merchant should attempt another card. 10754 Gateway decline We’ve declined this transaction.

The CSC is between 3-4 digits long. 10505 Gateway decline AVS returned a response value of N. The credit card entered is currently restricted by PayPal. Secondly, how can I fix it in the next couple of hours (as we did a huge promo campaign today, and if people can't pay then it will all have been Paypal Error Code 10417 There was a problem with a particular field in the address.

The long error message will tell you what field is invalid. 10706 Invalid data The billing zip is invalid. The long error message will tell you what field is invalid. 10709 Invalid data The billing address is invalid. Contact PayPal Customer Service for more information. 10550 Invalid configuration Direct Payment is disabled on your account. http://kiloubox.com/paypal-error/paypal-error-code-12203.html Contact Customer Service for more information.

Carrying Metal gifts to USA (elephant, eagle & peacock) for my friends What to do with my pre-teen daughter who has been out of control since a severe accident? The merchant should attempt another card" Are you sure that the error is really caused by you? The transaction was declined because PayPal is currently processing a transaction by the same buyer for the same amount. For AVS and CSC response codes and messages, refer to Address Verification System Response Codes and Card Security Code Responses.

Re-enter the correct 5-digit zip code. brett FoxyCart Team July 2011 @Enigma, it's also entirely possible that they just got the info wrong the first 6 times. If you can't find those lines, but you know a certain file is the one that does the requesting and gets the response, just post the code here and I'll try It's definitely not a PayPal error because PayPal errors provide a LOT more detail....the easiest thing to diagnose the error is to see the full response that comes back from PayPal

Enter the correct information. Well, probably more valuable than pasting the PayPal code is to post, as I did, the actual raw paypal response. All rights reserved. The credit card type entered is not currently supported by PayPal. 10511 Invalid data You selected an unsupported value field.

If you just want to know what E-junkie does, check our list of Features & Benefits. curl_setopt($ch, CURLOPT_POSTFIELDS, $nvpreq); // Get response from the server. $httpResponse = curl_exec($ch); if(!$httpResponse) { exit("$methodName_ failed: ".curl_error($ch).'('.curl_errno($ch).')'); } // Extract the response details. $httpResponseAr = explode("&", $httpResponse); $httpParsedResponseAr = array(); foreach The long error message will tell you what field is invalid. 10717 Invalid data The billing zip is invalid. Retry the transaction 72 hours later. 03 (Do not try again.

There was a problem with a particular field in the address. The merchant entered a amount of zero. 10526 Invalid data We don’t support this currency code. Default value of field.