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This is actually more a case of blacklisted expressions (due to equivalent operator associativity). Example: expecting ‘,’ or ‘;’ Error context tells us where the error occured. For example, if you have controller class with methods, and by accident you delete the final bracket, which close whole class, you will get this error. operator: ⇓ print "Here comes the value: " $value; Btw, you should prefer string interpolation (basic variables in double quotes) whenever that helps readability. http://kiloubox.com/parse-error/parse-error-parse-error-unexpected-t-string-expecting-t-old-function.html

Using the quotes, we see that our string is really It then s time to stop writting errors. class xyz { if (true) {} foreach ($var) {} Such syntax errors commonly materialize for incorrectly nested { and }. Look at the mentioned code line. Array lists If you miss a , comma in an array creation block, the parser will see two consecutive strings: array( ⇓ "key" => "value" "next" => "....", ); Note that http://ccm.net/faq/3377-parse-error-syntax-error-unexpected-end

Parse Error Syntax Error Unexpected End Of File In Php

share|improve this answer answered May 8 '12 at 2:58 Mahmoud Al-Qudsi 17.5k84789 Thanks Mahmoud, I will try that. –Wayne Hatter May 8 '12 at 10:48 add a comment| up What shape is a Calippo? Bangalore to Tiruvannamalai : Even, asphalt road Can a nuclear detonation on Moon destroy life on Earth? Class property defaults Same thing for class member declarations, where only literal/constant values are allowed, not expressions: class xyz { ⇓ var $default = get_config("xyz_default"); Put such things in the constructor.

Example: errors.php on line 3 Together these parts provide all the information we need to fix our code. Why can't I set a property to undefined? How to interpret parser errors? Parse Error Syntax Error Unexpected End Of File In Wamp Anyway the first answer here has solved it.

Parse error: syntax error, unexpected end of file in E:\wampserver\www\CodeIgniter\application\views\layouts\default.php on line 676 For reference line 676 is the last line in the code. Parse Error Syntax Error Unexpected $end In Wordpress The same applies to for, while, global, echo and a lesser extend list. ⇓ echo 123, echo 567, "huh?"; Whereas print() is a language builtin that may be used in expression Not the answer you're looking for? http://stackoverflow.com/questions/13990681/php-parse-error-syntax-error-unexpected-end-of-file-in-a-codeigniter-view Login below ...

some more html code share|improve this answer edited Sep 20 '13 at 18:00 Chris Forrence 6,94982548 answered Jul 14 '12 at 9:33 ryanc1256 407421 What does 'tirar los tejos' mean? What does the image on the back of the LotR discs represent?

Parse Error Syntax Error Unexpected $end In Wordpress

Anyway the fifth line is unecessary since just below it you do the control on specific vars. http://stackoverflow.com/questions/20549250/parse-error-syntax-error-unexpected-end-of-file-in-c-xampp-htdocs-pmss-login Please Try Again!"; die(json_encode($response)); } //This will be the variable to determine whether or not the user's information is correct. //we initialize it as false. $validated_info = false; $login_ok = false; Parse Error Syntax Error Unexpected End Of File In Php Situations: you forgot to close a quote, so PHP is continuing to analyze your code until it finds the closing quotation mark. Php Parse Error Syntax Error Unexpected End Of File In Command Line Code On Line 1 share|improve this answer answered Dec 21 '12 at 13:22 kmkaplan 12.8k3553 4 You should include what short_open_tag does, and what it should be set to and why in the answer

Again mismatches with ) parentheses or } curly braces are common: function foobar($a, $b, $c] { ⇑ Or trying to end an array where there isn't one: $var = 2]; Which http://kiloubox.com/parse-error/parse-error-parse-error-unexpected-t-object-operator-in-joomla.html then open it with your favorite editor. block. Notation for lengths How to explain the existence of just one religion? Parse Error Syntax Error Unexpected End Of File In Wordpress

while (x==y){
do this;
//do that;
} Related Articles PHP Cannot modify header information PHP Memory Limit Error PHP require, require_once errors Was this article helpful to you? PHPs alternative syntax (if:/elseif:/endif;) is common for templates, but arguably less easy to follow than normal { code } blocks. Prefer plain if statements while unversed. have a peek here echo $passw ?>"> It'll get interpreted as constant.

It has rigid grammar rules, which it cannot recover from when encountering misplaced symbols or identifiers. isset(()), empty, key, next, current Both isset() and empty() are language built-ins, not functions. Once all the parentheses in the code have been set correctly, parse error: syntax error, unexpected $end will be fixed. Parse Error Syntax Error Unexpected ' ' In Php PHP Error #2: Unexpected T_STRING PHP Parse error: unexpected T_STRING in errors.php on line 4 Another parse error.

Thus the closing } one below became redundant. PHP allows Unicode characters as identifier names. Always look at the code context. Check This Out And lastly our php tag-wiki of course.

T_ENCAPSED… warnings occur in double quoted string context, while T_CONSTANT… strings are often astray in plain PHP expressions or statements. Longest "De Bruijn phrase" in English Select Only Printed Out Cells Why do jet engines smoke? Use double quoted strings if you want to interpolate variables, but then watch out for escaping literal " double quotes. Why isn't tungsten used in supersonic aircraft?