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Parse Error Before Character 0241

If you enter something similar to the following: 01 my-data-item. 01 prog-data-item pic x. The absolute line numbers in the LINE clauses of a report group description entry are not in ascending order. c++ 的標準 class header 好像都改成不用 .h 為副檔名.string 應該在 #include 吧. 如果是 string.h 是 c 用的那一些 string 相關的函式宣告. 記錄 Tommy 碎碎念... Example Module-A0075E DEFINITIONS ::= BEGIN a BOOLEAN ::= TRUE b INTEGER ::= 2 c OBJECT IDENTIFIER ::= { ccitt question a b } END Error Message "a0075e.asn", line 4 (Module-A0075E): A0075E: Source

A0057E Message Format A0057E: The COMPONENTS OF element 'type reference' is of the wrong type. Check the spelling of the qualifier in your code. C0096E Message Cause This message code is used by OSS Nokalva for internal purposes. Example Module-A0097E DEFINITIONS ::= BEGIN ERROR1 MACRO ::= ERROR ERROR MACRO ::= BEGIN TYPE NOTATION ::= "PARAMETER" NamedType | empty VALUE NOTATION ::= value(VALUE INTEGER) NamedType ::= identifier type | type this website

Resolution: Add the heading INPUT-OUTPUT. 0125 FILE-CONTROL missing You have omitted the heading FILE-CONTROL. Possible Solution Add an explicit tag. You can: Debug programs that have S-level, E-level, W-level, and I-level errors regardless of the setting of the E run-time switch. Resolution: Correct the format for this clause. 0134 FILE SECTION missing You have omitted the heading FILE SECTION.

A0052E Message Format A0052E: 'type reference' is not defined. Message Cause The ASN.1 compiler has encountered an internal error. If a mismatch of the two occurs then the record associated with the file does not exist although the necessary space has been created for it. The LOCK MODE clause controls access to files shared between a number of users in a multi-user environment.

Example Module-A0021E DEFINITIONS ::= BEGIN time1 UTCTime ::= "DC9310252013.31Z" -- Invalid time2 GeneralizedTime ::= "DC199310252013.31" -- Invalid time3 GeneralizedTime ::= "199310252013.31" -- Valid END Error Message "a0021e.asn", line 2 (Module-A0021E): A0021E: Possible Solution Remove the invalid forward circular reference. This message could be given if the filename which you have given in the SELECT clause does not conform to the rules for the naming of COBOL files. Resolution: If your literal is numeric, it can be up to 18 digits in length.

That is often the problem with "parse error before" type errors. Resolution: Correct the reference. 0058 Not a report name or a report group You have specified neither a valid report-name nor a valid report group in a GENERATE statement. A0095E Message Format A0095E: 'FROM' or ',' is missing. Produce object code from intermediate code that has E-level, W-level, and I-level errors, but not S-level errors.

C0088W Message Format C0088W: Duplicate export: 'A'. http://m.blog.csdn.net/article/details?id=9644 DEPENDING ON (ODO) table entry is being used as a subscript to the table, or to another ODO table earlier in the group. There are still some things it misses. Message Cause An unnamed CHOICE type is nested within another structure and one of the fields has an identifier that conflicts with an identifier of the containing type.

Possible Solution Remove the inner subtype. this contact form Cannot continue. PM70148 HTS-GEN-0102 There was a problem loading the United States English English IBM® Site map IBM IBM Support Check here to start a new keyword search. A0050E Message Format A0050E: 'type reference' is used as a type, but is not defined.

Look at all lines containing "WARNING:" in the .gen file. This is because your COBOL system continues processing through the source code to find out whether the data item is qualified. Why is the old Universal logo used for a 2009 movie? have a peek here A0038W Message Format A0038W: Assuming 'value' is the choice value for element #x.

Your ASN.1 input likely contains erroneous syntax, but in a new and unexpected form, which we need to further analyze. PM43305 Percent scale doesn't work in column chart. Message Cause The input ASN.1 syntax contains duplicate tags that will cause ambiguity problems in decoding.

c++ 的標準 class header 好像都改成不用 .h 為副檔名.難怪以前寫的 , 昨天也 compiler 不起來可是 ... 不是人家都說 , c/c++ 是萬年不死派的嗎?怎麼沒支援之前程式員的習慣 :oops:嗯嗯嗯…新版的c++中所有的standard library都已改用template取代了所有舊的標頭檔*.h已不再適用…取而代之的是沒有*.h的標頭檔…如將改為#include ,#include 會改為#include…而且這些都定義在namespace std中所以在使用前亦別忘了加上using namespace std;另外…include 舊的c的header files時如#include…也可以改用用...就是前面加一個'c'啦…這也是為了名稱空間的問題...就先醬了...88 記錄 列印 頁: [1] «

If you have specified the ORGANIZATION clause for a file as either INDEXED or RELATIVE you must specify an ACCESS MODE clause for it, indicating which mode you will use to PM31343 Incorrect page numbers in Table of Contents in PDF PM33463 parameter $RunLocale returns wrong language when used in measure expression PM33920 Only 1-2 trend lines displaying when there is a PM42318 Unable to cast datetime as time using teradata datasource. Resolution: Add the necessary PICTURE clause or elementary items to the level hierarchy. 0218 Illegal arithmetic operator You have specified an invalid operator in an arithmetic expression.

A0112E Message Cause This message code is used by OSS Nokalva for internal purposes. ansi 出來後... 就是那個沒有副檔名的檔名了... 記錄 Tommy 碎碎念... 螢火飛 酷!學園 學長們 活潑的大學生 文章數: 400 Re: (C++)無法宣告string資料型態的變數 « 回覆 #5 於: 2005-04-10 23:13 » 引述: "asdf"引述: "twu2"c++ 的標準 class header 好像都改成不用 .h 為副檔名.我把header的副檔案.h去掉並將程式修改如下:(stdlib.h的副檔案去掉會無法編譯)#include#include Resolution: Refer to the chapter Program Definition in your Language Reference for details of the correct syntax. Check This Out PM50842 Memory Issue is caused by a Consolidated data overwriting column lengths PM52843" Exception on poll for JDBC upsert stream when the poll results in an empty resultset PM54930 JS error

Resolution: See your Language Reference for more information. 0132 Repeated "condition-name TO TRUE/FALSE" in SET statement You have specified a repeated "condition-name to TRUE/FALSE" phrase in a single SET statement. Resolution: Delete the duplicate TYPE clause. 0265 Not allowed with this TYPE You are using a qualifier in a statement that either does not allow any qualifiers, or that does not Either the data-type of the table of elements is not suitable for a null indicator variable, or the specified data item is not a table. 0153 Data item is not a Resolution: Delete the duplicate CONTROL field value. 0270 COLUMN specification overlapping or not left to right 0271 Only allowed with DETAIL groups You can specify a GROUP INDICATE clause only with

Resolution: Alter the name of the data item in error. 0256 Preceding record has zero length You have defined a file record with zero length. Your ASN.1 input likely contains erroneous syntax, but in a new and unexpected form, which we need to further analyze. Resolution: Edit your source code to ensure that where you have used NEXT, TYPE, GLOBAL or EXTERNAL the clause applies to an 01 level item. 0241 Only allowed in Working-Storage Section It is the wrong type.

Message Cause The ASN.1 compiler has encountered an internal error. Possible Solution Remove the extra characters. Resolution: Specify a numeric literal or ZERO. 0048 Missing or extra right parenthesis The number of left and right parentheses in an arithmetic expression is not the same. Message Cause The input ASN.1 syntax contains a value assignment in which the value on the right-hand side is not supported for the base type on the left-hand side.

Resolution: Insert [LINE] SEQUENTIAL, INDEXED, or RELATIVE into this clause depending on how you want your records to be stored and accessed in your file. 00108 ACCESS missing on indexed/relative file