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Paypal Payflow Pro Error Codes


Card security code (also known as CVN, CVV, CVV2, the 3 or 4 digit security code on the back of a credit card) does not match. If you are using the PayPal Payflow Pro product, the credentials to configure the gateway in Zuora will be the same as your login credentials forPayPal Manager. Related Documentation For additional information on Payflow payments solutions: See PayPal Manager. The first 2 parameters obtain a secure token. this contact form

About the Secure Token Use a secure token to send non-credit card transaction data to the Gateway server for safer storage. Specify the date range of the transactions to review. Added a new section for Payflow Gateway FAQs. 20 Sep 2013 Updated the character limits for billing and shipping address fields. Dan Vega No problem at all. https://www.paypalobjects.com/en_US/vhelp/paypalmanager_help/result_values_for_transaction_declines_or_errors.htm

Credit Card Declined Reason Codes

The card holderwill have to call his or her cardissuer for further information, as banking privacy regulations prevent the issuer from sharing the decline reason with PayPal. Filters on the live servers examine each live transaction and take the specified action. Advanced subscribers have full access. Passing in a verbosity will return the extra values that we get back in the transaction response.Value: concept 7 concept 6 Runs a $0 authorization transaction using the credit card information

Added the concept 9 request parameter to Core Credit Card Parameters. 07 Jan 2014 Added Paymentech Tampa Level 2 Parameters. See RESULT codes and RESPMSG values. 100 Transaction type not supported by host 101 Time-out value too small 102 Processor not available 103 Error reading response from host 104 Timeout waiting You can use a live card in your www.sandbox.com account for testing. Credit Card Declined Error Codes The following transaction status values can appear in the report: Stage of Review Transaction Status Result Code Result Message Report in Which the Transaction Appears Screened by filters Pass 0 Approved

Updated TeleCheck chapter: Updated MICR values in Testing TeleCheck Transactions section Added TeleCheck Adjustment Response Code Values table Updated parameters and examples: Added a description for the response parameters concept 7 Amt = 150.50 Error: 12 -- Declined: 15005-This transaction cannot be processed. 3. U Information unavailable. Historically, the contents of a PNREF indicated a test or a live transaction.

When deploying to Observe mode, the settings established in the test phase are automatically transferred to the live servers. Invalid Transaction Means RESULT Values for Transaction Declines or Errors The transaction result displays the overall status of the transaction. The Filter Scorecard will be particularly helpful in isolating filter performance that you should monitor closely and to ensure that a filter setting is not set so strictly so as to The equal sign ( concept 9) is a special character that associates the name and its value: concept 8 Typically, you send several name-value pairs as a parameter string to the

Credit Card Processing Error Codes

For recurring transactions,additional security checks (for previously authorized transactions) may be disabled in PayPal, allowing for reduced fees and greater acceptance with your merchant bank. http://developer.paypal.com/docs/classic/api/errorcodes/ Important: Neither recurring billing nor reference transactions transactions are screened by Fraud Protection Services filters, nor are Express Checkout or Automated Clearing House transactions. Credit Card Declined Reason Codes See RESPMSG. 20 Cannot find the customer reference number 22 Invalid ABA number 23 Invalid account number. Generic Host Error Paypal These options are described in greater detail in the next section: Customizing Your Layout.

Note: To ensure that transactions proceed only if your script actually receives the data returned by the Silent Post, you must Force Silent Post Confirmation by checking Void transaction when my http://kiloubox.com/error-codes/paypal-nvp-api-error-codes.html concept 6 When the customer enters their sensitive data into the credit card fields on your website and clicks Submit, the browser posts the data to the Gateway server rather than Phase 1: Run test transactions in Test mode using test transaction servers. SETTLE_DATE Date format YYYY-MM-DD HH:MM:SS 19 Value available only after settlement has completed. Invalid Transaction Atm

Here are some sample payment amounts you can test: 1. If you encounter 50 or more transactions with result code 127, contact Customer Service to resubmit them as a group. Note: Processor PayPal Australia (First Data), World Pay, Moneris, Litle, and Global Payments Central only support Fraud Protection for authorization/capture, not for sales. navigate here Processor does not recognise your merchant account information.

One or more of the following three failures occurred:• An attempt was made to submit a transaction that failed to meet the security settings specified on the PayPal Manager Security Settings Generic Processor Error: 10001-internal Error O Cardholder Name and Address match. Additional error message that indicates that the merchant used a feature that is disabled TRANSSTATE Integer 10 State of the transaction.

This is not an error, but a notice that the transaction is in a review status.

Merchants can use the Payflow SDK APIs to perform all transactions except authorization and sale transactions. At the top of the next hour, all live transactions will be inspected by the filters. If this does not resolve the problem, have the customer call their card issuing bank to resolve. 13 Referral. Respmsg Remember that you can test a new filter setting using the test servers at any time (even if your account is in Active mode), then, if desired, adjust the live filter

TRXTYPE=A&BILLTOSTREET=123 Main St.&BILLTOZIP=95131&AMT=23.45&CURRENCY=USD&INVNUM=INV12345 &PONUM=PO9876&CREATESECURETOKEN=Y&SECURETOKENID=9a9ea8208de1413abc3d60c86cb1f4c5 The Gateway server returns concept 1 and concept 0 in the response. Note: The PNREF is also referred to as the Transaction ID in Payflow Link documentation. General 12: Declined Errors General credit card decline errors from PayPal may have a Response Reason Code "12" and Response Reason Text "Declined." Search for this error inPayPal's MTS (Merchant Technical http://kiloubox.com/error-codes/payflow-pro-api-error-codes.html PayPal acquired the Payflow gateway from Verisign back in 2005.

Follow the guidelines outlined in Testing the transaction security filters. For more information on the Silent Post feature, see Silent Posts. table of contents Introducing the Gateway Checkout Solutions The Gateway provides checkout solutions for novice and advanced use. Check the HTTP header.

This process does not affect the outcome of the authorization. To display the mobile checkout page for Layout C, you must detect the supported mobile browser and then explicitly pass the form post parameter: concept 7. Sometimes a colon appears after the initial RESPMSG followed by more detailed information. Direct the HTTP post to the Gateway applications server at the following URL.

The browser posts the payment data directly to the Gateway server, avoiding your website and easing your PCI compliance requirements. The status/validity of a credit card can change easily and frequently. If the tag, X-VPS-VIT-CLIENT-CERTIFICATION-ID, is missing, RESULT code 14 is returned. 19 Original transaction ID not found. Your merchant bank account does not support the following credit card type that was submitted. 3 Invalid transaction type.

An attempt was made to submit a transaction that failed to meet the security settings specified on the PayPal Manager Security Settings page. Expired Card Account upgrade, or Portfolio Sale Conversion. Meanwhile, you can request an alternative form of payment from the end customer. A value of 0 (zero) indicates that no errors occurred and the transaction was approved.

Values are: R = Review, J = Reject, A = Accept. Review Transactions that the filters set aside for review.