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Paypal Payflow Error Codes


The PNREF value is used as the ORIGID value (original transaction ID) in delayed capture transactions (TRXTYPE=D), credits (TRXTYPE=C), inquiries (TRXTYPE=I), and voids (TRXTYPE=V). For details on the name-value pair strings used in this example, see Sending a Simple Transaction to the Server. PageTitle

This could be caused by an unrecognized XML tag or a bad XML format that cannot be parsed by the system. 30 Duplicate transaction 31 Error in adding the recurring profile The same customer can pay off their credit card debt tomorrow, and their card will once again be valid with sufficient funds. this contact form

This is a generic message returned by your credit card processor. Instead, post your form parameters to the testing Payflow Link URL. Values: concept 0 or concept 9 concept 8 Determines if the payment confirmation / order receipt page is a PayPal hosted page or a page on the merchant site. Zuora supports PayPal Payflow Pro BYOB (Bring Your Own Bank) and Website Payments Pro Payflow Edition (also called Website Payments Pro), as well as PayPal Adaptive Payments.We also support these products https://www.paypalobjects.com/en_US/vhelp/paypalmanager_help/result_values_for_transaction_declines_or_errors.htm

Paypal Error Codes

To protect you against credit card fraud, the Fraud Protection filters identify potentially fraudulent activity and let you decide whether to accept or reject the suspicious transactions. In special cases, all filters appear here. Typically merchants integrate with the Payflow SDK or use HTTPS to send transactions to the PayPal processor. For example, 107.55 triggers error code 10755.

PayPal support has said that the15005 response code means that the transaction was declined by the cardholder's issuing bank. RESULT RESPMSG and Explanation 0 Approved. 1 User authentication failed. Doing so provides automatic compliance with processing card industry (PCI) standards for protecting cardholder data. Invalid Transaction Atm The threats There are two major types of fraud—hacking and credit card fraud.

You can also specify the paypal hosted confirmation page header and footer text and the URL and text for the return link. Credit Card Declined Reason Codes Alpha- numeric Variable PPREF Unique transaction ID of the payment. Log a PayPal MTS support ticket. Testing Your Configuration Accessing Your Gateway's Test Environment When configuring the PayPal payment gateway in Zuora, you can indicate whether you would like to use the PayPal test environment or the

A transaction with a TRANSSTATE of +200 is basically in limbo and will not be settled. +1000 Voided transactions. Credit Card Declined Error Codes Cardholder wants to stop only one specific payment in the recurring payment relationship. Payflow does not support extended ASCII characters or any other character sets other than regular ASCII at this time. If the TRXTYPE of the request is A, then you will need the value of PPREF for use with Authorization and Delayed Capture transactions.

Credit Card Declined Reason Codes

You can customize the header, background, payment method section and the order summary column of your payment page. http://developer.paypal.com/docs/classic/api/errorcodes/ You first set and fine-tune filter settings in a test environment. Paypal Error Codes F Cardholder Name incorrect, Address matches. Credit Card Processing Error Codes A tag follows the concept 9 to indicate the length of the token value returned.

For example, 10539 triggers error code 10539. http://kiloubox.com/error-codes/paypal-nvp-api-error-codes.html If this does not resolve the problem, have the customer call their card issuing bank to resolve. 13 Referral. ACH transactions only. 125 Fraud Protection Services Filter — Declined by filters 126 Fraud Protection Services Filter — Flagged for review by filters Important Note: Result code 126 indicates that a Sign in Forgot Password LOGINEMPLOYEE LOGINCUSTOMER LOGINCommunityDocumentationIdeasSubscription Management IdeasBilling & Payment IdeasFinance IdeasInsights IdeasZuora for Salesforce IdeasAdmin & Settings IdeasAnnouncementsZuora AnnouncementsRelease NotificationsPartner AnnouncementsDiscussionsSubscription ManagementBilling & PaymentsFinanceInsightsZuora For SalesforceAdmin & SettingsAPIIntegrations & Generic Host Error Paypal

TransactionSearch INVNUM InvoiceID Specify the full error code to trigger the error. Click Yes to re-run that transaction. N No, Cardholder Address and Postal Code are both incorrect. navigate here Additionally, request from the end customer an alternative form of payment.

Pass the connection parameters in the format and syntax required by the Payflow SDK and programming language that you are using. Invalid Transaction Means Hosted Pages and Mobile Browsers In PayPal Manager you can select one of 3 hosted pages Layout templates: Layouts A and B (the redirect templates) or Layout C (the embedded template). See Rejecting transactions.

Note: PayPal Payments Advanced and PayPal Payments Pro merchants should also use the Payflow Manager website (https://manager.paypal.com/) to perform transactional processing functions instead of the main paypal.com website.

Note: If the trigger value is not a valid error code for the API being tested, positive testing occurs for the request. Setting the default verbosity level for all transactions Contact Customer Service to set your account’s verbosity setting to LOW or MEDIUM for all transaction requests. See RESPMSG. 100 Transaction type not supported by host 101 Time-out value too small 102 Processor not available 103 Error reading response from host 104 Timeout waiting for processor response. Generic Processor Error: 10001-internal Error Parameter Description concept 5 (Required) Gateway server name.

If not, then look at the Transaction Detail screen for this transaction to see if it has settled. (The Batch field is set to a number greater than zero if the After making the changes, click one of the following buttons: Preview - Preview the changes you have made to your layout before saving and publishing it Save and Publish - Save AUTHCODE is the approval code obtained over the phone from the processing network. http://kiloubox.com/error-codes/payflow-pro-api-error-codes.html The AVS return value should appear in the RESPMSG.

VENDOR is your merchant ID and USER is the same as VENDOR unless you created a Payflow user. If you encounter 50 or more transactions with result code 127, contact Customer Service to resubmit them as a group. Layouts A & B auto-redirect to mobile-optimized pages if a supported mobile browser is detected. Your processor may also support purchasing cards (credit cards employers issue for business-related charges).

The Card Security Code return value should appear in the RESPMSG. 118 Invalid keywords found in string fields 131 Version 1 Website Payments Pro SDK client no longer supported. E AVS_E Not allowed for MOTO (internet/phone) transactions. Common Fields for Configuration There are some common fields you must complete for every gateway configuration.We recommend reviewing ourSetup Payment Gatewaydocumentation for information on these common fields: Name Use Gateway Test RESULT codes are described in RESULT codes and RESPMSG values.

You can reduce your review burden by relaxing the settings on those filters (for example, by setting a higher amount for the Purchase Price Ceiling filter). Example: concept 1 Other HTML Post Parameters Variable Description concept 0 (Optional) Used in conjunction with secure token. Added a note to the introduction of the Submitting Credit Card Transactions chapter. Historically, the contents of a PNREF indicated a test or a live transaction.

Not applicable Null No AVS response was obtained. Added a Level 3 Required Parameters table to TSYS Acquiring Solutions Level 3 Visa Parameters. SETTLE_DATE Date format YYYY-MM-DD HH:MM:SS 19 Value available only after settlement has completed. RefundTransaction AMT Amount Specify the error code to trigger as a numeric value with two digits to the right of the decimal point.