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Paypal Nvp Api Error Codes


For more information on MassPay IPN variables see the MassPay IPN variables table in the IPN guide. The new location is given by the Location header. The response might also contain additional information related to the request. You may redirect the buyer back to PayPal multiple times as long as this error code is returned; after that, prompt the buyer to choose another payment method available on your http://kiloubox.com/error-codes/paypal-pro-api-error-codes.html

This code is useful for a servlet that wants to receive POST data then redirect the client to another resource for the response. 1.1 304 Not Modified The requested document has Normal servlets should not need to use this status code. 1.1 408 Request Timeout The client did not completely finish its request within the time that the server was willing to After the buyer successfully changes the financial instrument, you can reattempt sending the payment and completing it successfully. Localizing the buyer's checkout experience in Express Checkout Merchants can pass a locale code to the en_US6 ( NVP, SOAP ) or en_US5 ( NVP ) API operations in order to useful reference

Paypal Response Variables

The decimal separator must be a period. Failure — The API request failed. Since PayPal IPN API returns Failure as string and PayPal NVP API (includes Express API) returns Hash (form-urlencoded params), Paypal::Exception::APIError#response is String for IPN and Paypal::Exception::APIError::Response instance for NVP. The server can explain the reason for its unwillingness in the response body. 1.0 404 Not Found The requested resource was not found or is not available. 1.0 405 Method Not

See Currencies and Currency Codes. The PayPal server responds with a confirmation that the requested action was taken or indicates that an error occurred. For example, the URL may refer to a document translated into many languages. Paypal Ipn An error response has the following general format.

All rights reserved. The response body should specify the protocols supported by the server. You signed in with another tab or window. Invalid email format. 10004 Transaction refused because of an invalid argument.

Other setup actions also can be performed by this API operation. Paypal Status The subject line is the same for all recipients. Used with the Proxy-Authenticate header. Moore & Associates It is encoded as follows: NAME=Robert+Moore&COMPANY=R.+H.+Moore+%26+Associates Use the following methods to URL-encode or URL-decode your NVP strings: Table 1.

Paypal Response After Payment

MassPay Failed Transactions IPN Reason Codes These codes are returned to the Instant Payment Notification (IPN) listener you set up for your MassPay requests. Note: This example does not establish a secure connection and should not be used in the live environment. Paypal Response Variables Request-specific information that controls the API operation to be performed. Paypal Error Codes HELENA SH 3 zh_XC ST.

Note: You must use different API credentials for each server end point. weblink See the PayPal Sandbox Testing Guide to quickly setup your Sandbox testing environment. ref.) API Error Codes – PayPal Developers https://developer.paypal.com/webapps/developer/docs/classic/api/errorcodes/ Appendix When HTTP-level error occured, paypal-express raises Paypal::Exception::HttpError. SOAP MassPay Request Fields Field Description EmailSubject xs:string (Optional) The subject line of the email that PayPal sends when the transaction is completed. Paypal Rest Api

MassPay Error Codes See Mass Payments errors - 10001 to 10327. Executing NVP API Operations You execute a PayPal NVP API operation by submitting an HTTPS POST request to a PayPal API server, or by using cURL or another mechanism to provide MassPay API Using SOAP For more information about the SOAP APIs, see PayPal SOAP API basics. navigate here If the operation fails, the response contains one or more error messages.

HTTP Status Code Groupings Code Range Response Meaning 100-199 Informational 200-299 Client request successful 300-399 Client request redirected, further action necessary 400-499 Client request incomplete 500-599 Server error The following table Paypal Sandbox You must set the currencyID attribute to one of the three-character currency codes for any of the supported PayPal currencies. See MassPayItem type below for a list of fields that you repeat for each recipient.

Then on your website's order review page, present the buyer with an update order button that uses the redirect URL containing the order id to redirect the buyer back to PayPal.

If you do not have IPN enabled, you can view the details of the MassPay transaction in your PayPal account. The Buyer's Experience When the buyer returns to PayPal, the buyer will be prompted with proper error messaging on the PayPal page. KITTS & NEVIS KN 2 es_XC ST. Paypal Api All rights reserved.

For example, since in some cases you can submit more than one payment in a single request, PAYMENTREQUEST_0_DESC is the description of the first payment in a request, PAYMENTREQUEST_0_DESC, is the You specify the payment amount for each recipient individually, but you must use the same currency type for all payments in a MassPay API request. Testing your PaymentAction=Order integration Log in to https://www.sandbox.paypal.com using your buyer's test PayPal account. his comment is here Name-Value Pair (NVP) describes the format of the request and response messages that you send to and receive from the PayPal API.

Execute a typical Express Checkout payment flow against the Sandbox test environment using the same buyer account and with the same credit card that you just modified. Mass Payments Reporting >> Documentation Make First REST Call REST API Reference NVP / SOAP API Reference Alphabetical Directory Dashboard My Apps My Account Sandbox Accounts Sandbox Transactions Live Transactions Support Creating an NVP Request The Name-Value Pair request format specifies the API operation to perform, credentials that authorize PayPal to access your account, and fields containing additional information to be used ReceiverID ebl:UserIDType (See note) Unique PayPal customer account number.

The token also might be required in related API operations. PayPal Developer Toggle top-level navigation Docs Accept Payments Braintree v.zero Payment Buttons Payments REST API PayPal Here Express Checkout PayPal Pro / Payflow Mobile SDK Invoicing REST API SOAP API Marketplace Normal servlets should not need to use this status code.   Documentation Make First REST Call REST API Reference NVP / SOAP API Reference Alphabetical Directory Dashboard My Apps My Account Java Encode java.net.URLEncoder.encode Decode java.net.URLDecoder.decode PHP Encode urlencode() Decode urldecode() ColdFusion Encode URLEncodedFormatstring [, charset] Decode URLDecodeurlEncodedString[, charset]) List Syntax for Name-Value Pairs The PayPal API uses a special syntax for

Amount cc:BasicAmountType (Required) Payment amount. Additional pass-through information may appear in the L_ERRORPARAMIDn and L_ERRORPARAMVALUEn fields. UTF-8 Character Encoding The PayPal API assumes that all data in requests is in Unicode, specifically, the Unicode (or UCS) Transformation Format, 8-bit encoding form (UTF-8). Used in conjunction with the WWW-Authenticate and Authorization headers. 1.0 402 Payment Required Reserved for future use.

https://api-3t.paypal.com/nvp PayPal "live" production server for use with API signature credentials. In the following diagram, your website generates a request. To execute a PayPal NVP API operation, submit the request to one of the following end points: Server end point Description https://api-3t.sandbox.paypal.com/nvp Sandbox "testing" server for use with API signature credentials. Several implementation examples are available on the Internet.

headers in the request evaluated to false. 1.1 413 Request Entity Too Large The server will not process the request because the request content is too large. The server is under no obligation to act on or complete the request. 1.0 203 Non-Authoritative Information The HTTP response headers came from a local or third-party source, rather than the Example of the redirect URL and token: https://www.paypal.com/cgi-bin/webscr?cmd=_express-checkout&token=EC-ABCDE12345 Proceed to the testing your integration section. Replace the contents of the street address Line-1 of the buyer's test credit card, with CCREJECT-REFUSED.

You must encode all data sent using the HTTP protocol because data that is not encoded could be misinterpreted as part of the HTTP protocol instead of part of the request. This is the default status code. 1.0 201 Created A resource has been created on the server, presumably in response to a client request. Character length and limitations: 30 single-byte characters. end See spec code for more details.