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Pcsc Error Code


SCARD_STATE_UNKNOWN The given reader name is not recognized by the resource manager. Need help? Each thread of an application shall use its own SCARDCONTEXT. ReturnsError code. http://kiloubox.com/error-code/pds-error-code-38.html

The list of possible attributes is available in the file reader.h. This means that it both holds a numerical value describing the error and the corresponding string. More... #defineSCARD_F_UNKNOWN_ERROR((LONG)0x80100014) An internal error has been detected, but the source is unknown. See 64-bit. https://pcsclite.alioth.debian.org/api/pcsclite_8h.html

Winscard Error Codes

LONGSCardControl (SCARDHANDLE hCard, DWORD dwControlCode, LPCVOID pbSendBuffer, DWORD cbSendLength, LPVOID pbRecvBuffer, DWORD cbRecvLength, LPDWORD lpBytesReturned) Sends a command directly to the IFD Handler (reader driver) to be processed by the reader. You can have a portable code using: if (dwState & SCARD_PRESENT){ // card is present} SCARD_E_UNSUPPORTED_FEATURE Windows may return ERROR_NOT_SUPPORTED instead of SCARD_E_UNSUPPORTED_FEATURE This difference will not be corrected. SCARD_NEGOTIABLE - The card has been reset and is awaiting PTS negotiation. SCARD_PROTOCOL_T0 - Use the T=0 protocol.

This is represented by all bits set to zero. More... #defineSCARD_E_SHARING_VIOLATION((LONG)0x8010000B) The smart card cannot be accessed because of other connections outstanding. Parameters [in]pcscErrorError code to be translated to text. SCARD_EJECT_CARD - Eject the card.

Memory allocated by PC/SC has to be free-ed by PC/SC using SCardFreeMemory() PCSC framework Mac OS X uses Frameworks instead of classical Unix libraries. SCARD_LEAVE_CARD - Do nothing. dwPreferredProtocols is a bit mask of acceptable protocols for the connection. If *pcbAttrLen is equal to SCARD_AUTOALLOCATE then the function will allocate itself the needed memory.

More... #defineSCARD_W_CARD_NOT_AUTHENTICATED((LONG)0x8010006F) No PIN was presented to the smart card. Return values SCARD_S_SUCCESSSuccessful (SCARD_S_SUCCESS) SCARD_E_INVALID_HANDLEInvalid hContext handle (SCARD_E_INVALID_HANDLE) SCARD_E_INVALID_PARAMETERphCard or pdwActiveProtocol is NULL (SCARD_E_INVALID_PARAMETER) SCARD_E_INVALID_VALUEInvalid sharing mode, requested protocol, or reader name (SCARD_E_INVALID_VALUE) SCARD_E_NO_SERVICEThe server is not running (SCARD_E_NO_SERVICE) SCARD_E_NO_SMARTCARDNo smart Return values SCARD_S_SUCCESSSuccessful (SCARD_S_SUCCESS) SCARD_E_UNSUPPORTED_FEATUREthe dwAttrId attribute is not supported by the driver (SCARD_E_UNSUPPORTED_FEATURE) SCARD_E_NOT_TRANSACTEDthe driver returned an error (SCARD_E_NOT_TRANSACTED) SCARD_E_INSUFFICIENT_BUFFERcbAttrLen is too big (SCARD_E_INSUFFICIENT_BUFFER) SCARD_E_INSUFFICIENT_BUFFERpbAttr buffer not large enough. More... #defineSCARD_E_READER_UNAVAILABLE((LONG)0x80100017) The specified reader is not currently available for use.


This must be the last function called in a PC/SC application. http://ludovic.rousseau.free.fr/softwares/pcsc-perl/PCSC.html More... #defineSCARD_E_NO_ACCESS((LONG)0x80100027) Access is denied to this file. Winscard Error Codes LONGSCardListReaders (SCARDCONTEXT hContext, LPCSTR mszGroups, LPSTR mszReaders, LPDWORD pcchReaders) Returns a list of currently available readers on the system. Scardgetstatuschange This error code does not look like a WinSCard error code and is not documented in the SCardTransmit() API AFAIK.

Definition at line 161 of file pcsclite.h. #define SCARD_E_FILE_NOT_FOUND((LONG)0x80100024) The identified file does not exist in the smart card. http://kiloubox.com/error-code/pdf-error-code.html LONG SCardStatus ( SCARDHANDLE hCard, LPSTR szReaderName, LPDWORD pcchReaderLen, LPDWORD pdwState, LPDWORD pdwProtocol, LPBYTE pbAtr, LPDWORD pcbAtrLen ) Returns the current status of the reader connected to by hCard. Parameters [in]hCardConnection made from SCardConnect(). [in]dwDispositionReader function to execute. SCARD_POWERED - Power is being provided to the card, but the reader driver is unaware of the mode of the card. Pcsc Lite

C Source code #ifdef WIN32 #undef UNICODE #endif #include #include #ifdef __APPLE__ #include #include #else #include #endif #ifdef WIN32 static char *pcsc_stringify_error(LONG rv) { static char More... #defineSCARD_W_SECURITY_VIOLATION((LONG)0x8010006A) Access was denied because of a security violation. More... #defineSCARD_E_UNSUPPORTED_FEATURE((LONG)0x8010001F) This smart card does not support the requested feature. http://kiloubox.com/error-code/pdu-error-code.html LONG SCardIsValidContext ( SCARDCONTEXT hContext) Check if a SCARDCONTEXT is valid.

The example assumes that hContext is a valid handle of type SCARDCONTEXT received from a previous call to SCardEstablishContext. To avoid problems Apple decided to explicitly fix the size using uint32_t. Parameters [in]hCardConnection made from SCardConnect(). [in]dwControlCodeControl code for the operation.

This can either be a local or remote connection.

More... Definition at line 127 of file pcsclite.h. #define SCARD_E_UNEXPECTED((LONG)0x8010001F) An unexpected card error has occurred. Please enter it.pcscdPS! Definition at line 241 of file pcsclite.h. #define SCARD_PROTOCOL_T10x0002 T=1 active protocol.

Definition at line 212 of file pcsclite.h. #define SCARD_W_UNSUPPORTED_CARD((LONG)0x80100065) The reader cannot communicate with the card, due to ATR string configuration conflicts. This is useful for creating client side reader drivers for functions like PIN pads, biometrics, or other extensions to the normal smart card reader that are not normally handled by PC/SC. Contrary to Windows winscard behavior, the reader is accessed in shared mode and not exclusive mode. [in]dwPreferredProtocolsDesired protocol use. 0 - valid only if dwShareMode is SCARD_SHARE_DIRECT SCARD_PROTOCOL_T0 - Use the http://kiloubox.com/error-code/pcs-error-code-67.html Definition at line 121 of file pcsclite.h. #define SCARD_P_SHUTDOWN((LONG)0x80100018) The operation has been aborted to allow the server application to exit.

Send Close ERROR The requested URL could not be retrieved The following error was encountered while trying to retrieve the URL: Connection to failed. ReturnsError code. SCARD_PROTOCOL_RAW - Use with memory type cards. Definition at line 205 of file pcsclite.h. #define SCARD_E_NO_MEMORY((LONG)0x80100006) Not enough memory available to complete this command.

ReturnsError code. Definition at line 191 of file pcsclite.h. #define SCARD_E_CANCELLED((LONG)0x80100002) The action was cancelled by an SCardCancel request. More... #defineSCARD_E_FILE_NOT_FOUND((LONG)0x80100024) The identified file does not exist in the smart card. If *pcbAtrLen is equal to SCARD_AUTOALLOCATE then the function will allocate itself the needed memory for pbAtr.