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When the crash occurs at the same time, or using the same software, you have an idea who to blame, but if it is truly random it may well be hardware. Everything works great when you install the ubuntu distro that was designed specifically for the PS3 except for the WIFI card. cause I had checked ..... But whatever the reason, there are more and more users giving Linux a try.

All distros have a method for this, but they generally differ. That's not because the manufacturers don't care about Linux but because drivers for most devices are already installed on your system as kernel modules. You can determine the amount of free disk space you have on all of your currently mounted partitions by opening konsole then typing df . If all you want are the standard repository sections, (main extra nonfree kde4 gnome), then you will need around 15g of free disk space.

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Re: make build error « Reply #8 on: August 24, 2013, 04:45:54 AM » Quote from: Just17 on August 24, 2013, 04:01:24 AMOH well, it appears I got all the necessary And, because so much of what you may need to do can be done from the GUI, many users shy away from the "more technically challenging" command prompt or command line just a guess Anyway here is what I see on the test box ......Code: [Select][[email protected] media_build (master)]$ make dir DIR=../media
make -C linux/ dir DIR="../../media"
make[1]: Entering directory `/home/user/TBS_Drivers/media_build/linux'
rm -rf If the failure is early in the boot sequence, you may find that adding noapic to the kernel boot line helps.

Along the way, there are several common mistakes that users new to Linux tend to make. Graphics hardware None of the above applies to graphics cards. Pclinux has been the only OS on this laptop and will remain so after I get this solved. Linux Errno To String Most every Linux distribution has a package manager.

Their drivers are part of the X.org software, unless you use an ATI or Nvidia card. CohenKernel: 4.8.4-pclos1 x86_64 (64 bit); Desktop: KDE 4.14.18; Mobo: ASUSTeK P8Z68-V PRO v: Rev 1.0.1; CPU: Quad core Intel Core i7-3770S (-MCP-) cache: 8 MB; Memory: 8 GB; CPU Speed max: Now set Grub up with root (hd0,1) setup (hd0) quit The first command identifies the boot partition, the second writes the bootloader to the MBR and then you leave the Grub website here pick the term you prefer), so the instructions displayed here might not work as written; next, there are new structures for the contents of configuration files, then, some distros have moved

Sometimes you find a particular site doesn't work and need to know whether the site is down for everyone or it's just a connection problem from your ISP. Enxio The usual cause of this is that the installer was unable to auto-detect the properties of either your graphics card or display. This was quickly followed by the first Preview on July 12th, delivering a comprehensive classification, labeling and protection solution to the market. We can't show you solutions for every problem that might arise, but we can show some of the common issues people face and, more importantly, show you how to go about

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Oracle DBAmario splakoos (not verified) - October 7, 2012 @ 7:33ami have a problem at linux RedHat 5 its running but it didn't show disktop when i move mouse it must http://pclinuxoshelp.com/index.php?title=Known_issues&oldid=1336 If it is down to single figures, or even zero, something is sucking up all your CPU cycles. Linux Error Code Bashing any OS is an exercise in futility since OS's, and distros, are as varied as people, and one size does NOT fit all. Linux Errno Example glad it worked out for you.

Boot options are typed directly at the menu screen - add splash=0 to disable the splash screen entirely. In terms of loading drivers, have you ever setup ubuntu as a second OS on a PS3?? OSX comes to mind as does Vista, since they hide and automate as much as possible "under the hood" and make it difficult to change the way the OS works. Though it may be a little advanced. Enotsup

Try it in EnglishAnonymous Penguin (not verified) - March 10, 2009 @ 4:14amMaybe if you put these instructions in language that a new user could understand, Linux might attract a few In this case, testing, kde4 and SRPM (source rpms). # --log-file=: Log output to the temporary file we created above. Press F1 to bring up a list of options and use Tab and Enter to get further information on any of them. Downloading the initial repository is the longest part of the setup, so I choose to do it in an interactive session.

Testing memory is easy, if time consuming. Errno.h Windows Linux isn't going to make your computer equipment run 1000% faster. Relying too much on WINE.

We invite you to help us build this resource and add additional details that you have found useful. -Anurag Gupta Configuration Manager Resources Documentation Library for System Center 2012 Configuration

I learned how to do in Linux what I already know how to do in Windows. You can also check for the presence of available networks with these terminal commands sudo ifconfig wlan0 up sudo iwlist wlan0 scan The first line ensures that the wireless card is This is the best and I'm so thankful you shared it with all Linux users! Einval Errno Ignoring the system messages and errors.

Hardware fixes Don't expect to find Linux drivers on the CD that comes with your shiny new gizmo. Today we’re excited to announce that Azure Information Protection is now Generally Available (GA)! ... Sure, there may be a lot of similarities, and you will be able to use many of the skills you developed while you were using Windows, or any other commercial operating If you see something like this: insmod /lib/modules/.../modulename.ko ...it means the module is now loaded and your drivers should work, or at least be available for configuration.

cat $TMPFILE | while read line do # Does this line have .rpm in it (denoting a package file) FILE=`echo $line | grep .rpm` if [ ! -z "$FILE" ]; then