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For recurring transactions,additional security checks (for previously authorized transactions) may be disabled in PayPal, allowing for reduced fees and greater acceptance with your merchant bank. No action is required from the merchant for Layouts A & B. Error is caused by one or more of the following: Invalid Processor information entered. Something does not work as expected? this contact form

Configuring the fraud protection services filters This section describes how to configure the Fraud Filters for your Payflow account, covering a phased approach to implementing transactional security. Change the URL from test-payflow.PayPal.com to payflow.PayPal.com. 2 Invalid tender type. The Fraud Details page appears, as discussed in the next section. An example response string When a transaction finishes, the server returns a response string made up of name-value pairs. see this

Credit Card Declined Reason Codes

You are using a test (not active) account to submit a transaction to the live PayPal servers. Transactions Being Declined A declined transaction means that PayPal or your merchant declined the payment. Important: Remember that you can make changes to fine-tune filter settings at any time.

Secure Token already been used. After making the changes, click one of the following buttons: Preview - Preview the changes you have made to your layout before saving and publishing it Save and Publish - Save As such, they are not intended for load testing. Invalid Transaction Means Example response for an authentication transaction with Verbosity=Low RESULT=126&PNREF=VFHA28926593&RESPMSG=Under review by Fraud Service&AUTHCODE=041PNI&AVSADDR=Y&AVSZIP=N&CVV2MATCH=X&HOSTCODE=A&PROCAVS= A&PROCCVV2=X&IAVS=N&PREFPSMSG=Review: More than one rule was triggered for Review&POSTFPSMSG=Review: More than one rule was triggered for Review Example

For more information, refer to Allowed IP Addresses. Credit Card Processing Error Codes Use PayPal Manager to view the record and use the information to help reconcile your accounting records. Card Type Type of card used in the transaction. a fantastic read Alternately you can build your own API by posting transactions directly to the Gateway servers using HTTPS.

The Gateway server uses the secure token to retrieve the amount and other transaction data. Credit Card Declined Error Codes A value greater than zero indicates a decline or error. Added a note to the About Credit Card Processing section. 23 July 2012 Added the Bill Me Later feature to the Gateway Product Details section. 16 July 2012 Updated the value The Gateway server transparently returns the customer to the location on your website that you specified in the request to obtain a secure token.

Credit Card Processing Error Codes

Wikidot.com Privacy Policy. Rejected transactions are never settled. Credit Card Declined Reason Codes RESULT values for transaction declines or errors For non-zero results, the response string includes a RESPMSG name-value pair. Generic Host Error Paypal In Observe mode, filters examine each live transaction and mark the transaction with the filter results.

If this does not resolve the problem, have the customer call their card issuing bank to resolve. weblink See Rejecting transactions. Classifications Translation Status(not set)Apply new tags to subpages?Finding subpages...Updating:Update subpagesCancel © Copyright 2016 Zuora Powered by MindTouch Zuora Vision Product Customers Support Community Knowledge Center Support Center Trust About Our Merchant ID Merchant Login or Vendor You are the merchant User ID User Typically, this is the same as the Merchant Login Password Password Rules Support Recurring If you Invalid Transaction Atm

A name-value pair consists of the parameter name and its value. Your merchant bank account does not support the following credit card type that was submitted. 3 Invalid transaction type. These options are described in greater detail in the next section: Customizing Your Layout. navigate here If you have these accounts linked,follow the testing instructions in thePayPal Sandbox User Guide.

Clarified that the duration of the Secure Token is 30 minutes. Respmsg If there have been several retries, check the error messages from the beginning with the first failure and the more recent failures to determine if the error message is the same. Replaced the incorrect field name concept 7 with concept 6 in Paymentech Salem Level 3 MasterCard Line Item Record 1 Parameters, Paymentech Salem Level 3 Visa Line Item Record 1 Parameters

Our article on Choosing a Payment Merchant can help you choose the right payment integration.

These apply to all filters except: AVS Failure, Card Security Code Failure, and Custom Filters. Note: PayPal Payments Advanced and PayPal Payments Pro merchants should also use the Payflow Manager website (https://manager.paypal.com/) to perform transactional processing functions instead of the main paypal.com website. Special considerations Merchants with an instant fulfillment model For businesses with instant fulfillment business models (for example, software or digital goods businesses), the Review option does not apply to your business—you Generic Processor Error: 10001-internal Error Only the Reject and Accept options are applicable to your business model.

You can check why a transaction has been declined in your PayPal account. Check here to see for maintenance notices:https://www.x.com/node/304976. Opt to send email receipts to the buyer for each successful transaction. his comment is here Values: concept 2 or concept 1 Customize Parameters Variable Description concept 0 Sets the color of the border around the embedded template C.

Card Security Code validation failed. If the tag, X-VPS-VIT-CLIENT-CERTIFICATION-ID, is missing, RESULT code 14 is returned. 19 Original transaction ID not found. Notify administrators if there is objectionable content in this page. Contact merchant bank to verify. • Allowed IP Address security feature implemented.

Your merchant bank account does not support the following credit card type that was submitted. 3 Invalid transaction type. You can reduce your review burden by relaxing the settings on those filters (for example, by setting a higher amount for the Purchase Price Ceiling filter). About the Secure Token Integrating the Secure Token With the Hosted Checkout Pages Integrating the Secure Token Without the Hosted Checkout Pages - Transparent Redirect Posting to the Hosted Checkout Page When a filter identifies a suspicious transaction, the transaction is marked for review.

A value for AUTHCODE is included for Voice Authorization transactions. In the case of Layouts A and B, PayPal will auto-detect if the checkout page is being viewed from a supported mobile browser and will redirect to the mobile optimized checkout General 12: Declined Errors General credit card decline errors from PayPal may have a Response Reason Code "12" and Response Reason Text "Declined." Search for this error inPayPal's MTS (Merchant Technical