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Pccharge Error 57


Error - Date Mask Not Yet Supported: This error may occur if the file GLLINK.DAT is corrupt. If it happens when selecting a customer in Sales Manager then try GUI=0. When calling for assistance, you will be asked for the Serial Number of your Keystroke system. Keystroke Error File Number Descriptions: File Number = Description 1 = Inventory 2 = Customer 3 = Vendor 4 = Clerk 5 = Department/Categories 6 = Transactions 7 = Matrix 8 http://kiloubox.com/credit-card/pccharge-error-code-57.html

It is possible to get this error on a new O/S if some other application has been installed that has overwritten some of the Visual Basic 6 Library files. If it occurs on a database record, delete SCRN##.DAT. This alerts you that the previous transaction may have been processed. Use NET CONFIG to set it to 999 minutes.

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The actual size of the file is different than the counter that stores the number of records that should be in the file. (e.g., File#6 = Transaction file). Change the port setting to port=file=COM3:9600,N,8,1. Error 27 - Printer Out of Paper: This error is usually caused by a printer that is out of paper. Error 11 - Division By Zero: This error occurs either the DOS or Windows version in Purchase Manager only.

Error - "You are trying to convert from version prior to 2.01. The text begins "An error has occured on this program. Please try the request again. Mbna C5 Error See all Go Software Inc.

Error 75 - Path/File Access Error: This error usually indicates a lost connection to the network. Credit Card Authorization Response Codes Make sure you are sending data to the correct port. PCCharge Pro... 0 Answers won't print receipt Sep 21, 2013 | Go Software Inc. http://www.fixya.com/support/t15021939-pc_charge_error_57 AR will be out of balance if the Invoice is ever re-saved.

Mar 31, 2011 | Pc America Restaurant Pro Express 2 Answers I am on Ms Windows XP Professional with Ms Word 2007. Credit Card Authorization Code List Error 71 - Disk Not Ready: This error indicates the need to retry. Usually resolved by adjusting based on size, and Packing the suspected file (e.g., File#6 = Transaction file). #202 - (ADDRECORD) Similar to warning #201. A number around 80 should be adequate.

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PCCharge Pro... AR will be out of balance. Credit Card Failure Codes Call SBS for assistance in identifying these file names. Credit Card Declined Error Codes Usually adjust based on the size.

Clear/delete the transaction and re-enter it. #208 - (AR - UnCredit Invoice) Keystroke was unable to locate the Invoice in order to remove payments from it. If it is encountered during the Pack function, another computer may be in Keystroke. In addition, if the PCCharge Payment Server user interface is open, the user logged in to PCCharge must not be in use by any pc running Amigo Pos. Enable TCP/IP Communications in PCCharge Payment Server 2.The correct IP Address of the pc running PCCharge Payment Server is not entered in Amigo Pos Back Office. Visa Declined Codes

This can cause memory pile ups and error messages to appear on your operating system. If the error refers to oleaut32.dll (usually when running setupws.exe): 1) Check error message when opening Keystroke. For more information, visit www.sage.com. Keystroke requires 550 - 600K of conventional memory to run properly.

If you accidentaller Quickly Scan revent unnection PC for Tomorrow Full Scan, on to troubleshooting-what-to-do-where problems I endured Cnet's stars "An adware nightmare!That's after a coupon-2015/ Repair 2.8 Pros fix repair Sec Violation On Credit Card Machine Support is based in the United States and not outsourced. Common errors encountered when testing the Amigo Pos PCCharge Payment Server interface are: •Connection Error•Invalid Track Data•Invalid User Id•Invalid Processor•Transaction Type Not Supported•User In Use Connection Error

File attributes may be set to read-only; check using the ATTRIB command.

Unlikely. The hard disk may also be developing a bad spot; run Scandisk or another third party hard disk diagnostic program. August 14th, 2015 by Mike Spence Other Articles Additional Equipment from SelbySoftIt's That Easy! Credit Card Error 0295 This was a very recent development and SelbySoft has just received the final details on what this means for our customers.   If you have PC Charge as your credit card interface,

This verifies if it is you or the CC processing company. a printer is set up on serial port COM2: when there is no COM2: available on the computer). This error by itself does not really help much in determining what went wrong. The User In Use response is letting the merchant know that the User ID is being used by another system at that time.

This file is used by Keystroke when you monitor All Keystrokes in the Audit Parameters. Call SBS for assistance in identifying these file names.