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Paypal Credit Card Error Code


Outbound traffic permits the initial Gateway request, while inbound permits the response from PayPal. Fraud Protection Services Fraud Protection Services can help you significantly reduce the cost of fraud and the resulting damage to your business. Hard 2091 Currency of this transaction must match currency of your PayPal account Your PayPal account can only process transactions in the currency of your home country. If you can’t find an answer, give us a call at 877.434.2894 or email our Support team. this contact form

concept 8 (Optional) Proxy server logon password. All rights reserved. In the pop-up that appears, click the color selector to change the color, or enter the appropriate URL. Since the pages are hosted on PayPal servers, you do not have to capture or store credit card information on your website, thereby helping towards achieving PCI compliance. you could check here

Paypal Result Code 12

Host URL Addresses Note: Each SDK includes full API documentation. Using Special Characters In Values Because the ampersand (&) and equal sign (=) characters have special meanings, they are invalid in a name-value pair value. This feature is configured through https://manager.paypal.com: Go to Service Settings, then from the Hosted Checkout Pages section select Setup On the Setup page, set Use Silent Post to Yes.

Obtain new account information before next billing cycle. 02 (Try again later). Please return to the participating website and try again”___________________________________________________________________________________________Based on the above error message you forwarded to us, PayPal technical support suggests the following solution:If you are a PayPal Standard (Personal, You are using a test (not active) account to submit a transaction to the live PayPal servers. Generic Host Error Paypal table of contents Sending a Simple Transaction to the Server When using the Payflow SDK, you send transactions to the Gateway server in name-value pair format.

If you believe your merchant account should be set up to accept this type of transaction, contact our Support team. Credit Card Declined Reason Codes If this is a new Payflow account, this result occurred because all new accounts include a “test drive” of the Fraud Protection Services at no charge. In the Hosted Checkout Pages section, you have the following options: Setup Customize Integrate Setup The Setup page in PayPal Manager enables you to select the information you want to collect If there is no issue with your account, have the customer reach out to PayPal for more information.

The Secure Token The secure token stores request transaction data on the Gateway server. Credit Card Declined Error Codes Soft 2043 Error - Do Not Retry, Call Issuer The card-issuing bank will not allow this transaction. If Payflow Gateway does not receive the success response, then the transaction is voided and the customer sees a communication error message. This can result in a lengthy process – we recommend obtaining a new payment method instead.

Credit Card Declined Reason Codes

Error is caused by one or more of the following: Invalid Processor information entered. http://developer.paypal.com/docs/classic/api/errorcodes/ In the Encrypted Website Payments section, select Off. Paypal Result Code 12 You request a secure token by passing a token ID to the Gateway server. Paypal Error Codes Create a password I agree to the terms of service Signed in as (Sign out) Close Close Sign in Sign in Sign up Cancel Feedback and Knowledge Base Search Search (thinking…)

concept 3 takes a string of name-value pairs as its value. weblink It lets Payflow know that the secure token passed in is a live or test token. PayPal Payments Advanced uses web pages hosted by PayPal (also known as* hosted checkout pages*) to send transactions to the PayPal processor. Types of declines There are two types of declines: hard declines and soft declines. Credit Card Processing Error Codes

Send Express Checkout redirects to: concept 3. Hard 2006 Invalid Expiration Date The customer entered an invalid payment method or made a typo in their card expiration date. Y Yes, Cardholder Address and Postal Code are both correct. navigate here Give us some feedback on this page ← Back to Previous Page ← Braintreepayments.com | Developer Docs Support Articles Status © 2008-2016 Braintree, a division of PayPal, Inc.

Values: concept 0 or concept 9 concept 8 Determines if the payment confirmation / order receipt page is a PayPal hosted page or a page on the merchant site. Invalid Transaction Atm Once resolved, you can attempt to process the transaction again. Soft 2063 PayPal Business Account preference resulted in the transaction failing You cannot process this transaction because your account is set to block certain payment types, such as eChecks or foreign

Soft 2035 Partial Approval For Amount In Group III Version Refer to the AVS response for further details.

F Cardholder Name incorrect, Address matches. Retry the transaction 72 hours later. 03 (Do not try again. Service not available Not applicable All others Error Not applicable Payment Advice Codes for declined payments For more information about declined payments, see the Website Payments Pro integration guide. Invalid Transaction Means If this does not resolve the problem, have the customer call their card issuing bank to resolve. 13 Referral.

We'resorry for the inconvenience._____________________________________________________________________The main reasons for this particular error according to PayPal technical support:When a customer does not have paypal account, a credit card has a total lifetime transaction limit Payflow Pro can send transactions to a number of different supported processors, requirements for which are described in this documentation. About Name-Value Pairs Payflow Connection Parameters User Parameter Data Sale Transaction Example Formatting Payflow Gateway Transactions About Name-Value Pairs Name-value pair (NVP) is the format you use to specify the parameter his comment is here Error is caused by one or more of the following: Invalid Processor information entered.

If you are a legacy Payflow Pro merchant, skip the section on Configuring Hosted Checkout Pages. TRXTYPE=A&BILLTOSTREET=123 Main St.&BILLTOZIP=95131&AMT=23.45&CURRENCY=USD&INVNUM=INV12345 &PONUM=PO9876&CREATESECURETOKEN=Y&SECURETOKENID=9a9ea8208de1413abc3d60c86cb1f4c5 The Gateway server returns concept 1 and concept 0 in the response.